Dare your friends for an ultimate game of ping-pong or table football. Figure out who’s the strongest by hitting the box ball. Feeling thirsty, but still in for a game? Combine those two and go to the camping store, buy a beer pong set and organize a beerpong together with your friends! Over the whole Residence camp, you’ll find some different games to play!

Camping party

Get in the mood for the actual festival by visiting the camping party! Make new friends, drink a few beers and get ready to party all day long! Line-up will be revealed soon!

Silent disco

While all the people who only went to the festival went home, you’re glad you bought a camping ticket! Cause this will give you access to our great silent disco area. Put on your headphones, choose your favourite channel, go wild on the beats of one of our artists, or scream out loud on your favourite guilty pleasure and have the time of your life! Line-up will be revealed soon!



Can’t get tired? Or just want to relax between all the madness of the festival? Chill out and watch one of the movies we provided for you!

Football field

Who doesn’t like a good football match? Create your own perfect team, dare another team, pick a ball and show off your skills!


Start your weekend at the REBiRTH Residence Camping just right! Bring your swimsuit and enjoy the hottubs on Friday. After all those struggles with putting on your tent and forgetting about most of the stuff. It’s finally time to start the weekend, forget about your work/school life, sit back and relax!

Beat the beats

Party animals! Beat the beats of the Harder Styles during the 1-hour Hardstyle workout of the year! Beat the beats is doable for everyone, you don’t have to be a top athlete in order to participate. Note: Enter at your own risk.

More to be announced!