Far beyond our home, lies a world forgotten by time. In 2019 REBiRTH Residence will open its gates for the very first time and welcome thousands of eagerly waiting festival fanatics, all ready to kick off the festival season in style! Since there is only one first time, it will be legendary and you can’t afford to miss out! Don’t you want to be able to tell your grandchildren “I was there when it all went down for the first time..”? That’s what we thought!

No tickets yet? Book your ultimate weekend experience here: www.rebirth-residence.nl

1. Enter the Pre-party on Friday
What’s a camping kick-off without a special pre-party, right? We have made a selection of quality hardstyle acts that will prove to be the ultimate start of your 2019 festival season. We even arranged the exclusive act ‘Roughstate Alliance’, consisting of Frequencerz, Ran-D, B-Front & Adaro to make sure the vibe will be insane!

Pre-party @ Residence Camping (Friday)
D-Sturb | Primeshock | Rebelion | Rejecta | Roughstate Alliance (Adaro vs. B-Front vs. Frequencerz vs. Ran-D) | Sound Rush | Hosted by: MC Da Syndrome

2. Keep the party going with our Silent Disco
Three days of non-stop partying is not enough for you? That’s the spirit! Especially for you we have arranged a silent disco, so you can keep on partying with the bass only in your face, instead of everyone else’s!

3. Fun activities on the campsite
We have arranged everything to make REBiRTH Festival 2019 your ultimate weekend experience, with numerous activities! Kick-off the weekend at the pre-party, enter the silent disco afterwards, kick back in the movie theater, pump up your energy with a Raw Workout and more!

4. It’s time to step out into the sun

While we can’t predict the weather (sadly), it’s like REBiRTH Festival has been blessed with the gift of sunshine. The past 5 years we’ve had sunshine the entire weekend, with temperatures ranging from warm to hot. We can’t wait!

5. The vibe will be out of this world
If there’s one thing that we know about our visitors, it’s that they always show 100% dedication. And why wouldn’t they? As the first outdoor festival of the season, REBiRTH Festival always acts as the moment when people can finally step out into the sun again and party in the great outdoors. This always puts the vibe on max!

6. Collect your crew for the Friends Camp
What’s a festival camping trip without your wolfpack? The special REBiRTH Residence friends camp is not only a designated area reserved for your crew, you can also book your own fold-table, Dixi and party tent! But we all know the biggest fun is to come up with a genius name for your crew, which we will place on a sign for you. Just imagine opening that first drink together with your best friends in the warm sun and great music all around.. it will feel like victory!

7. Prepare for crazy camping stuff
When you visit a festival camping with a group of friends, crazy stuff is always bound to happen. But whatever it is, you know the experience will be unforgettable and new memories will be created that last a lifetime.

8. We thought of everything
Despite the warm April sun, things might still get chilly. However, as you would expect, we thought of it all. Heated bath-houses, a heated dining room, fire breathers, you name it. Everything you need in order to make you feel like coming home.

9. 3 days of eternal entertainment
In 2019 REBiRTH Festival will expand to three full days, from Friday to Sunday. This extra day is exclusively available to REBiRTH Residents with a Camping ticket.

10. Want more luxury? Time for an upgrade!
Set up your own tent or grab one of our special Tipi or Flexotel packages. That’s right, besides having to struggle with your own gear, we have also arranged more luxury for you!

11. No problems trying to get home
When you book a stay on our REBiRTH Residence Camping, you don’t have to worry about getting home. The camping is located directly next to the festival terrain, so while others have to drive home first to get in bed, you only have to walk (or crawl) a few meters. Perfect!

On April 12, 13 and 14 the gates to an eternity of entertainment open for all who wish to experience the ultimate weekend at REBiRTH Festival 2019!

Let’s kick off the festival season!