Far beyond our home lies a world forgotten by time. As its ancient guardian finally awakens, the gates to an eternity of entertainment are about to open! Welcome to REBiRTH Festival 2019 – Guardian of Eternity!

Your ultimate weekend experience at REBiRTH Residence!

In 2019 REBiRTH Festival will expand to a three full days, from Friday to Sunday, of partying with our brand-new REBiRTH Residence campsite! We have arranged everything to make REBiRTH Festival your ultimate weekend experience, with numerous activities such as a pre-party, silent disco, movie theater and raw workout. Set up your own tent or grab one of our special Tipi or Flexotel packages. To increase the fun, you can gather your festival squad and claim your spot at the Friends Camp!

Despite the warm April sun, things might still get chilly. However, as you would expect, we thought of it all. Heated bathhouses, a heated dining room, fire breathers, you name it. Everything you need in order to make you feel like coming home. Just imagine opening that first drink together with your best friends and great music all around… it will feel like victory!