Opening hours
Rebirth Residence opens on Friday 12 April at 14:00 and everyone will be welcome from that time! The Rebirth weekend is over and the campsite will close on Monday 15 April at 12:00.

Check-in// check-out
Friday 12 April 2019 // 14:00 to 23:00
Saturday 13 April 2019 // 09:00 to 20:00
Sunday 14 April 2019 // 09:00 to 17:00


A special route has been set up for the guests of the Rebirth Residence campsite. This differs from the route for day-visitors of the festival.

Follow the yellow “CAMPSITE” signs for the correct route.

The navigation address for the campsite is:
Molenstraat 12, 5268 KE Helvoirt
Follow the yellow “CAMPSITE” signs from here to find the parking lot.
Try to drive together as much as possible. This is more fun and a lot better for the environment!

Rebirth Residence visitors can park their car directly next to the campsite for 15 Euro. You take your belongings out of the car and walk straight onto the campsite!

HINT: You can buy your parking ticket at the presale with a 10% discount.

Shuttle Busses
Are you travelling with Public Transportation? No problem!
Our shuttle busses will bring you, on Friday and Monday, from Oisterwijk CS (Trainstation) to the Rebirth Residence campsite.

The shuttle busses will drive between 13:30 and 00:30.
The busses are driving continuous to and from the festival.

The shuttle busses will drive between 07:20 and 12:20.
The busses are driving continuous to and from the festival.

HINT: You can already buy a return ticket in our ticketshop!


Leaving early

The Molenstraat (on which the parking lot for the campsite is located) will be a one-way street for day-visitors to the festival on Saturday and Sunday.
If you want to leave by car early, you must drive through the village of Haaren on these days.
If you want to go back to the campsite, you must take the N65 (Helvoirt) to the Molenstraat.
Maps will be handed out when leaving the campsite which show this route.

NOTE: if you leave early, you will need the parking ticket to return to the campsite AND to be let through the roadblock on the Molenstraat!!

Entrance check
Everything and everyone will be checked at the entrance. This check focuses on glass, sharp objects, drugs and so on. We do this to guarantee your safety!

Mind your step!
Note! The entrance gates to the campsite are no more than 70 centimetres wide. Trolleys and other items may not be wider than 70 centimetres.

Food and drinks
Naturally, you can bring your own food and drinks but be careful! You may bring a maximum of 3 litres non-alcholic or low-alcohol drinks (less than 15%) per person.
This is only possible when you arrive at the campsite for the first time; once you have received your wristband, you cannot bring in drinks again.
Everything must be in sealed plastic bottles and/or cans. Glass bottles and spirits are not allowed. This will be checked at the entrance. Please note that taken drinks will not be returned or refunded!

Free drinking water
You can buy water at any bar on the campsite. There are plenty of drinking water points scattered around the site to refill your plastic bottle or cup for free. There is also free water is also available at the first-aid station.

Zero tolerance
Rebirth Events complies with the zero-tolerance policy of the government. ‘Zero tolerance’ means that no form of soft and/or hard drugs are allowed. Found drugs will be taken and criminal amounts will result in an arrest and a ban from the campsite and the festival for one or more years!

Follow the instructions of the stewards once you enter the campsite. The stewards will assign you and your friends a camping spot. If there are friends who will arrive later, make sure to bring his or her tent or inform the steward that he must reserve a spot!

Friends spot
Report to the Friend Spot Desk directly next to the entrance if you have booked a friends spot.
Make sure to bring your identity card. A steward will walk with you to show you the place.

Party tent & chairs
Of course, a party tent is allowed but keep it normal. Think about your neighbours and give everyone a place.

Of course, we all want to kick off the festival season successfully but think about your neighbours who might want to sleep at night.
A small Bluetooth speaker is allowed which can be heard at a maximum distance of 10 metres. Larger installations are not permitted and will be confiscated.

If you leave the campsite on Monday, make sure to bring all your personal belongings. You may not leave your tent or other belongings as waste. Be tidy and dispose of your waste. Do not forget to bring your own garbage bag.

Barbecuing is allowed at the designated locations on the site. Each group spot gets its own tile to barbecue, use this tile as it is not allowed to barbecue at other spots.

A campfire is very cosy but sadly not allowed because of the risk of fire.

Everyone will receive a special Rebirth Residence wristband that gives you access to the campsite and festival for the entire weekend. You can only leave or enter the campsite during check-in times. Leaving the campsite outside of these times is only allowed with your camping gear, which means that your wristband will be cut off and you will not be able to return to the campsite or festival site.

Tokens & withdrawing cash
Everything will be paid using tokens at Rebirth. Coins can be purchased on the campsite from Friday afternoon or in advance through the online ticket shop. The tokens are valid all weekend, both on the campsite and the festival site.

You can buy tokens using cash or debit card. However, you cannot withdraw additional cash. You can use the local ATM of the Rabobank in Haaren or Helvoirt for this.

NOTE: this is only possible during the check-in times of the campsite.

You can rent a locker on the campsite. This allows you to safely store your personal belongings. Your locker is available 24 hours per day. Renting a locker costs € 12.00 and a €5.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned to you once you return the key.

HINT: You can buy your locker ticket online in the presale.

Merchandise booth
There will be an official Rebirth merchandise booth on the pre-party on Friday. Be the first one to score the latest items from the Rebirth collection here!

Opening hours:
Friday 18:00 to 01:00
Saturday 12:00 to 00:00
Sunday 13:00 to 23:00

A large bathhouse will be built for the Rebirth Residence. This space will be heated so you do not need to stand in the cold after taking a shower. It will be free between 07:00 and 08:00 and cost 1 token after this period.
Note! There are special opening hours for the showers:
Friday: 16:00 – 02:00
Saturday: 07:00 – 16:00 // 22:00 – 02:00
Sunday: 07:00 – 16:00 // 21:00 – 01:00
Monday: 06:00 – 11:00

The bathhouse will have electricity connections for your shaver or hair dryer and will have sufficient mirrors.

Mobile phone charger
Is your battery low and do you want to get back in touch with your friends as soon as possible? Rent a small USB charger from the campsite store or on the festival site at the charge-it point.
You will pay using tokens and be asked for a small deposit which will you get back after returning the charger.

Camping Store by: Tentenzo
The campsite will have a campsite store for all your necessary groceries. This store will be open during the following hours:
Friday: 14:00 – 02:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 03:00
Sunday: 08:00 – 01:00
Monday: 08:00 – 12:00

You can buy a whole range of products here such as tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, chairs, pillows etc.
For more information and pre-orders click on the button!

Food area
The food area has a range of meals. You can eat a sandwich, baguette, egg sandwich, fruit and of course a cup of coffee or tea here in the morning.
After a day of partying, you can visit it in the evenings for various snacks such as pizza, chips and hamburgers.

Inflating up your air mattress
Not feeling like inflating your air mattress yourself? Or did you not bring a pump? You can inflate your air mattress at the air and electricity point.

There is no electricity on the campsite.
The bathhouse does have power for your hair dryer, straightener or shaver.

Lost & Found
Did you lose your belongings or found something from someone else? You can return it to the Rebirth Residence infopoint.
It may have been found already and you can take it with you straight away, or leave your details so we can return them to you once they have been found.

Sadly, pets are not welcome at the Rebirth Residence campsite. We have enough party animals as it is!

The following things are allowed

at the Rebirth Residence campsite

  • Party tent
  • camping chairs and tables (max 80×80 cm)
  • Cooling boxes and polystyrene foam boxes
  • Country flags
  • Small Bluetooth speaker (sound may not travel for more than 10 metres)
  • Food and drinks (in plastic, can or cardboard). You may bring a maximum of 3 litres non-alcholic or low-alcohol drinks (less than 15%) per person.
    (NOTE: Opened bottles and homemade mixes are not allowed).
  • Spray cans for deodorant or hairspray (only allowed at the Rebirth Residence campsite and not on the festival site).
  • Electrical appliances such as toothbrush, hair dryer, straightener, shaver etc.
  • Disposable barbecues (40×40 cm) and small gas canisters (max. 250 grams).

Things that are not permitted

and will be confiscated

  • Caravans, motorhomes, cars, trailers etc.
  • Generators, extension cables, reels etc.
  • Large BBQs
  • Gas canisters heavier than 250 grams
  • Electrical appliances such as sandwich makers, refrigerators
  • Sofas or other furniture
  • Large music systems or speakers
  • Drones, laser pens, air/stadium horn
  • Liquor with more than 15% alcohol
  • Glass bottles or other sharp objects
  • Firework, open flames, torches etc.
  • Sharp knives and other tools
  • Confetti shooters, party streamers etc.
  • Motorised vehicles
  • Drugs/narcotics
  • Selfie-sticks
  • Dry ice and nitrous oxide cartridges, cylinders or balloons
  • Graffiti, paint etc.
  • No provocative clothing and flags or clothing of football club clothing
  • Promotional materials such as stickers, posters or flyers