Please note: all accommodations are excluding festival or camping tickets!

Festitent 1P/2P/4P

From €40.00

Don’t feel like taking your tent, airbed or campsite equipment? Spare yourself the trouble and book a Festitent!
Festitent ensures that your one, two or four person tent is set up when you arrive at the REBiRTH Residence campsite.

Festipi 2P/3P

From €69.00

Do you want to have comfortable accommodation during the festival with all positive elements of a traditional tipi such as perfect air circulation that ensures that the tipi is warm quickly in case of cold weather and stays nice and cool in hot weather?

Flexotel 2P/3P/4P

From €420

For the Residence visitors who want pure luxury, we have arranged the special hotel rooms of Flexotel. The Flexotels can simply be found, just like all other accommodation, at the REBiRTH Residence campsite and at walking distance of the festival site.

Bell Tent 6P

From €79 p.p.

Do you go for basic or comfort? Both options are possible with the Bell Tent (6p)! When you enter the campsite, your bed will be ready so you can immediately enjoy your weekend at the Rebirth Residence Campsite!

Friends Camp

Van 4 tot 26 personen

Gather your REBiRTH squad and report to the Friends Camp for your very own reserved spot on the Camping grounds. Upgrade the experience with your own dixi, foldtable party tent and your own sign!

Hotel Package

From €50

Sleeping at a campsite not for you? Still want to enjoy a weekend of REBiRTH Festival? Book a room in one of our available hotels!