Welcome REBiRTH Residents!

Enjoy three full days of partying, from Friday to Sunday, at our REBiRTH Residence campsite! Check out the whole website to see what awaits you during the ultimate kick off of the festival season.

REBiRTH Festival 2024 | 12, 13 & 14 April 2024

Let's kick off the festival season!


Once your tent is set up at the REBiRTH Residence campsite, you and your friends will open your first drink with a smile. Would you like to stay together with your party crew? Then book yourself a REBiRTH Residence Friendscamp!

Is setting up your own tent not your thing? Then book one of our luxury accommodations! This way you are immediately provided with all comforts and your weekend starts without worries!


Located directly on the festival grounds, the REBiRTH Festival Weekend Experience will be extended to no less than three days of unprecedented partying! A gigantic pre-party with great shows and the best artists, an exclusive silent disco, cinema and much more. This way we welcome the festival season together in the best possible way. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!


Because we understand that you also want some rest next to all of your partying, the campsite has been taken care of down to the last detail and is equipped with all modern conveniences. You can completely refresh yourself in our heated bathhouse and recharge at the food court to get back to the festival season feeling reborn.