• What will be the opening times of the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    The REBiRTH Residence camping opens on Friday 12 April at 09:00 and everyone will be welcome from that time! The REBiRTH Festival weekend is over and the campsite will close on Monday 15 April at 12:00. 


  • What are the check-in times?

    Friday April 12th 2022/ 09:00 until 23:00
    Saturday April 13th 2022/ 09:00 until 20:00
    Sunday April 14th 2022/ 09:00 until 17:00

  • Can I leave the REBiRTH Residence campsite in the meantime to return later?

    It’s only possible to leave the campsite during the check-in hours. If you would like to leave the campsite outside these hours it’s only allowed with your camping gear. This means your bracelet will be cut off and you will no longer be able to return to the campsite and/or the festival site.  

    The Molenstraat (on which the parking lot for the campsite is located) will be a one-way street for day-visitors to the festival on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to leave by car early, you have to drive through the village of Haaren on these days. If you want to go back to the campsite, you have to take the N65 (Helvoirt) to the Molenstraat. 

  • I lost something at the REBiRTH Residence campsite, what now?

    If you notice that you have lost something during your visit at the REBiRTH Residence camping, report to the Lost & Found counter, which is located at the information desk. If, after your visit, you notice that you have lost something, mail to All lost items will be brought to the city hall of Vught a few days after the event, please contact them for your lost items.  

  • Can I choose my own camping spot?

    As soon as you enter the campsite, follow the instructions of the stewards. The stewards will designate a camping spot for you and your friends. Are there friends who want to join your group later? Then make sure you already have their tent with you or indicate to the steward that there must still be room available for them!

  • How large can my camping tent be?

    You can bring a camping tent where all your friends can sleep + 1 person. For example: if you stay with 5 friends, you may bring a tent for a maximum of 6 people.

  • My friends arrive later, can they sleep next to our tent?

    Follow the instructions of the stewards once you enter the campsite. The stewards will assign you and your friends a camping spot. If there are friends who will arrive later, make sure to bring his or her tent or inform the steward that he must reserve a spot! 

  • What will be the payment methods at the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    Everything will be paid using coins at REBiRTH. Coins can be purchased on the campsite from Friday afternoon or in advance through the online ticket shop. The coins are valid all weekend, both on the campsite and the festival site. On the REBiRTH Residence Camping coins can only be paid with debit card (PIN). You can buy coins using cash or debit card only on the festival terrain. However, you cannot withdraw additional cash. You can use the local ATM of the Rabobank in Haaren or Helvoirt for this.

    NOTE: It’s only possible to leave the campsite during the check-in times of the campsite. 

  • What is the minimum age to visit the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    The minimum age for entrance is set down at 18. Legitimation in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving license is compulsory. See our house rules for more information. By visiting the REBiRTH Residence camping you agree with our house rules.

  • House Rules

    REBiRTH Events and REBiRTH Festival values nature and the environment. Help us and make sure that the campsite is left clean and free of waste. Your support helps! Keep the sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) clean. Dispose of waste in the containers.

    The following rules apply throughout the campsite and must be strictly observed. Failing to comply with the rules may lead to eviction, whether or not in combination with a report to the police.

    1. Camping is only allowed on the official ‘REBiRTH Residence” campsite at the indicated locations.
    2. Entrance tickets are exchanged for a wristband at the campsite entrance. This wristband is not transferable. Without a wristband, access to the campsite will be denied.
    3. You may not leave the campsite between 22:00 – 08:00. Leaving the campsite outside of these times is only allowed with your camping gear, which means that your wristband will be cut off and you will not be able to return to the campsite or festival site.
    4. Tents may only be placed based on the instructions of the stewards at the indicated spots.
    5. Motorhomes, cars, bicycles, trailers, caravans or other vehicles are not allowed on the site. Only trolleys/carts (max. 70 cm wide) that can fit through the inspection gates are permitted.
    6. Any form of verbal and non-verbal aggression and/or discrimination is prohibited.
    7. It is forbidden to play loud music after the festival ends.
    8. Open flames are forbidden. This includes campfires, BBQs, torches, fireworks and the like. Use of disposable barbecues (40x40cm) and 1 burner (max. 250 grams) is only permitted at the specially designated BBQ zones;
    9. Provocative/offensive clothing and/or flags/banners or football club clothing are prohibited.
    10. Trading in goods of any kind without permission of the organisation is prohibited.
    11. Goods and/or materials on the site may not be damaged and/or stolen.
    12. Promotional materials such as flyers, posters, banners and stickers are prohibited.  
    13. Each person may take no more than 3 litres of non-alcohol of alcoholic (<15%) drinks with him. This can be taken through check-in but not after that. An appropriate amount of food may be brought in. Beverages with an alcohol content of more than 15% are not permitted.
    14. The use of glassware is prohibited.
    15. Fire exits and/or emergency exits may not be obstructed. The organisation will always have the right to remove or move materials that cause the obstruction.

    The following things are not permitted on the campsite:

    1. Drugs, medication, mind-altering substances and/or substances that can be used as drugs. Being under the influence of drugs is also prohibited.
    2. Weapons, attributes or tools that can be used as a weapon and pets.
    3. (Electrical) appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, sandwich makers, water dispensers, gas cylinders and the like.
    4. Laser pens, stadium horns, drones, selfie-sticks and related items.
    5. Graffiti, confetti, party-poppers and the like.
    6. Sound systems and generators.
    7. Large furniture including sofas or other large attributes.
    8. Dry ice and nitrous oxide cartridges, cylinders or balloons.

    Final provision

    1. The organisation will always have the right to refuse or remove persons from the campsite and cannot be held liable for personal injury and/or loss of or damage to goods.

    These rules serve as a supplement to “the general terms and conditions” of Stichting REBiRTH Events.

    Version 1.0. of 01 November 2018.


  • Is there a REBiRTH Festival / REBiRTH Residence mobile app?

    Are you ready for REBiRTH Festival? Download the app so you will be prepared! You could also meet people who are going! Download it now on both App & Playstore here!


  • Can I inflate my air mattress?

    Not feeling like inflating your air mattress yourself? Or did you not bring a pump? You can inflate your air mattress at the air and electricity point. 

  • Can I charge my phone?

    There is no electricity on the campsite. Is your battery low and do you want to get back in touch with your friends as soon as possible? Rent a small powerbank from the campsite store or on the festival site at the charge-it point. You will pay using coins and be asked for a small deposit which will you get back after returning the charger. 

  • Is a campfire allowed?

    A campfire is very cosy but sadly not allowed due to it being a fire hazard.

  • What kind of food is available in the Food Area?

    The food area has a wide range of meals. These include but are not limited to, sandwiches, baguettes, egg sandwiches, fruit and of course cups of coffee or tea. After a day of partying, you can visit our food court in the evening for various snacks.

  • Which facilities are present at the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    Check here which facilities are located at the REBiRTH Residence camping!

  • Will there be lockers at the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    You can rent a locker on the campsite. This allows you to safely store your personal belongings. Your locker is available 24 hours per day.


  • I cannot attend REBiRTH Festival, what do I do?

    Too bad you can’t visit REBiRTH Festival! From Monday 27 March, it is possible to securely sell your tickets via TicketSwap. This is possible without the tickets having been sent out. To do so, follow the steps below:

    1: Go to the confirmation e-mail you received from Paylogic;

    2: In the e-mail, click on the button at the bottom: “Manage order”;

    3: You will now enter your MyOrder environment, click here on “More actions”;

    4: Click on the option: “Sell on TicketSwap”;

    5: You will now be redirected to TicketSwap, follow the steps on their website.

    It is not possible to resell Friendscamp tickets, Friendscamp upgrades and accommodation. Never sell and/or buy a ticket on a site other than TicketSwap.

  • I have not received my ticket, what now?

    You have not yet received tickets for REBiRTH Festival 2024 in your mailbox. You will receive these tickets on Tuesday, April 9th from 23:59 onwards, as long as they are personalised at that time. If you have not personalised your tickets, they will not be sent. It will already be possible to sell your tickets via TicketSwap if you are unable to attend.

  • Do I need to personalise my ticket?

    Once you have bought a ticket, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to personalise your ticket(s). Personalisation is mandatory and is possible until Sunday 14 April 2024 at 22:00. After personalisation, your ticket(s) will be sent to your mailbox on Tuesday 9 April 2024 (also check your SPAM box). If you have not personalised your tickets, you will not receive them in your mailbox, so make sure you do this on time. If personalisation does not work, please contact our ticketing provider Paylogic via their website.

  • I want to change the name on my ticket, what should I do now?

    Did you, already, personalize your ticket and do you want to change the name? Then use the Name Change Module of Paylogic. How does this work?

    1: Go to your Order Status, you can get here by pressing the button: ‘Manage Order’ at the bottom of your confirmation email from Paylogic; 2: Click on ‘Name Change’ and fill in the correct email address of the person to whom you want to send the ticket; 3: Pay € 3, – transfer fee and the tickets are sent to the right person.

  • Can I resell my REBiRTH Festival tickets?

    You may not resell a ticket in order to make a profit. Of course, you may order a ticket for your friends and sell them at the same price. Can’t attend REBiRTH Festival? We are partnered with Ticketswap for you to safely sell your ticket(s) to other people.

  • What is a VIP ticket?

    This year you can enjoy many extras as a REBiRTH Festival VIP. For example, there is a separate VIP entrance, you get an exclusive VIP bracelet and we’ve invested in the appearance of the VIP deck. You can also enjoy finger food, receive a welcome drink and there are VIP toilets.

    There will be a VIP deck at the REBiRTH Festival Mainstage and at the REBELLiON stage on Saturday this coming edition.

  • What is the Green Fields Fee?

    Stichting REBiRTH Events finds it essential to invest in a clean and sustainable future. We want to contribute to this by making our events more sustainable, for this, we ask for an additional € 1,- per visitor per day, which is called the Green Fields Fee.

  • Add your tickets to the Appic wallet!

    To have all your festival info in one place, our Festival App by Appic directly integrates with Paylogic/SeeTickets. After buying a ticket, you will see a button in your confirmation screen to add the ticket to your wallet. If you bought a ticket earlier, you can still do so in the SeeTickets ‘My Order’ environment. In the App, you can personalise your access, get notified about important festival updates, put together your own timetable, connect with others and find your friends on the interactive festival map.


  • Which parking ticket should I have for the REBiRTH Residence?

    Are you staying at the REBiRTH Residence campsite, and are you coming by car? Then make sure that you have a camping weekend parking ticket. You can purchase these online in advance, as well as on the terrain. With this ticket, your car will be close to the campsite for the entire weekend and you can have a carefree party!

  • I come by car to the REBiRTH Residence campsite, where do I have to park?

    Are you coming to REBiRTH Festival 2023 by car? Then enter the following address in your navigation: Molenstraat 28, 5268 KE Helvoirt. From this point, follow the traffic signs with ‘CAMPING’ on them, park only in the designated areas and always follow the instructions of the traffic controllers. In the interest of the environment, we would like to ask you to carpool or travel by public transport as much as possible.

    A parking ticket is available in our Ticketshop and costs €22.50 (excl. fee) in presale and costs €25 on site this amount can be only be paid by pin. It is not possible to charge your electric car in the car park.

    Due to various roadworks in the Netherlands, we recommend planning your trip in advance at:

  • I will be dropped off at the REBiRTH Residence campsite, where should I navigate to?

    Close to REBiRTH Festival 2023, a Kiss & Ride has been set up to drop you off. Set your navigation to Groenplein 1, 5076 EL Haaren – from this point, follow the signs for ‘Taxi & Brengen / Halen’.

  • Is the REBiRTH Residence campsite accessible by public transport?

    REBiRTH Festival is difficult to reach by public transport, therefore shuttle busses will run between NS Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the festival site.

    The shuttle buses operate at the following times according to a continuous schedule:

    • Friday: 11:00 – 01:00
    • Saturday: 11:30 – 16:00 / 22:00 – 01:00
    • Sunday: 12:30 – 16:15 / 21:30 – 00:00
    • Monday: 09:00 – 12:30

    The shuttle busses will run continuously between the train station ‘s-Hertogenbosch and REBiRTH Festival.

    Please note: boarding times are subject to change, we try to keep to the times we will communicate later, however, we are highly dependent on other traffic among other things. A one-way journey takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

    The shuttle busses will run continuously back to the train station S-Hertogenbosch.

    Please note: departure times are subject to change, we try to keep to the times we will communicate later but are highly dependent on other traffic and other factors. When a bus is full, it will leave immediately. So don’t bet on the last bus when you need to catch your train connection.

    A return ticket for the shuttle bus is available in our Ticketshop and costs €12 online (excl. fee).


  • Can I bring food & drinks to the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    Or course, you can bring your own food and drinks but there are some rules! You may bring a maximum of 3 liters of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks (less than 15%) per person. Everything must be in sealed plastic bottles and / or cans. Glass bottles and spirits are not allowed. This will be checked at the entrance, please note that tasks drinks will not be returned or refunded!

    This is only possible when you arrive at the campsite for the first time; once you have received your wristband, you cannot bring in drinks again.

  • I have a food allergy, can I bring my own food and drinks?

    If you have a food allergy, you can bring your own food and / or drinks, if you bring a valid doctor’s statement and are able to show it at the entrance.

  • Can I take my medication to the REBiRTH Residence campsite?

    As a visitor, you are only allowed to take medication if the following conditions are met:
    – Medication must be in its original and sealed packaging and provided with the original package leaflet.
    – The use of the medication must be demonstrated by means of a statement by a doctor.

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